HondaPro Jason x Dream Automotive

What a great experience with so many Honda enthusiasts in the UK. Thank You guys so much for the love and support

One morning in May, I received a message from a man in the USA, claiming to be a Honda ‘Pro’. His message detailed how he was currently on a World tour, with his upcoming stop being London and did we have any events he could visit. Always skeptical, a little light research later and the truth came to light. This man was in fact the HondaPro, Jason. I wasted no time at all in reaching out to Ash, the founder of WDS, to inform him of this man’s arrival and find out what we could work out. 

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It quickly came to my attention that a small yet reputable company by the name of Dream Automotive, run by a man called Phil Crafford, has almost exactly what we had in mind. From a brief call, I was given the concise version of current project at the garage, many of which can…

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Introduction of the 4th Generation Honda Accord – Celebrating 25 Years

Honda Roots

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Prioritizing Humans, wider wheelbase and more fun is what the new mid-sized sedan Accord is all about when it debuted in late 1989. It literally came at a time when auto makers were full of worthy competition to the Accord but quite honestly a very lackluster competition for customers with refinement issues all around. If there’s any true word to describe the CB Accord, it would have be “Refined”. The test of time during the past 25 years have proven that this generation is practically bullet-proof and still on the road with many decades to go like it’s forefathers before. Welcome to the year 2015.

When someone comes to me and asks, “what is one of the best Honda’s one can own from the 90’s but on a budget?”, a few options come to mind. The popular CRX Si or any 4th generation Civic is a personal favorite due to…

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Honda CVCC “Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion” History

Honda Roots

CVCC was trademarked by the Honda Motor Company for an engine with reduced automotive emissions, which stood for “Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion“. This technology allowed Honda’s cars to meet United States emission standards in the 1970s without a catalytic converter and to pass the 1975 standards of the Clean Air Act.

The name was a last minute decision amongst Honda Executives as they weren’t sure how to reveal the newly thought of design without giving away it’s features.
“Even though we had determined the possibility, we were still in the middle of research,” Date recalled. “In fact, we were still processing our patent application. This meant that the name of the engine had to be contrived carefully, in order that the public announcement not reveal even a part of its structure. And we were as yet undecided about how to supply fuel. We got our heads together to…

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Wekfest Texas 2014 Coverage…Part 2…

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One-hour of sleep only sounds like a terrible idea after you first wake-up from what seems like more of a shitty nap than a full night’s rest. Still, as I said, spending quality time with friends is worth the sacrifice. I’m not gonna lie, my eyes were burning as I put my contact lenses back in place because of the sleep deprivation but I soon forgot when I arrived to the George R. Brown Center where Wekfest was taking place. My excitement to see all the cars quickly made me forget about any type of sleep and I found the energy to get through the entire day. Okay, I drank coffee and a Red Bull which helped but just seeing the cars and catching up with people was more than what I needed to energize me. The judging process is quite a bit of work but that is why I…

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Wekfest Texas 2014 Coverage…Part 1…

Just breathtaking photos (cars and food) :-p

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I love Texas. I really do. I don’t want to live there or anything, but visiting is always guaranteed a great time. Don’t tell anyone, but Texas is usually my favorite stop on the nationwide Wekfest Tour. I look forward to it every year because of two reasons; 1. The people are always incredibly nice and courteous and 2. The level of growth from year-to-year with their builds is very apparent. I think I’ve been doing the tour the last three years now and it is very obvious how much better their cars have gotten. New Jersey/New York is always good too but you have certain expectations for their builds and you expect them to be at a high caliber going into it. Texas started out as probably the “youngest” of the cities on the tour. The West is obviously the dominant region, the East incredibly competitive, and Texas was…

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